Hand reaching for a bag of snacks.
Make sure your shelves are stocked with the products customer reach for most often.

Are your in-store promotions bringing in the traffic you want for your convenience store? It can be tricky as consumers continue to shift how and where products are purchased. Along with this shift, they demand price transparency and seamless experiences across myriad of platforms. Make sure your vendors are aligned with the promotions that will drive the most customers to your store.

In the European market, 42 percent of consumers prefer to shop at a supermarket or grocery store over their local c-store. The reasoning? Customers feel there is a lack of personalization at c-stores, which they can receive at a grocer. Reading this may be difficult to swallow, but the fact that many c-stores haven’t changed their offerings and product models in 25 years makes it easy to understand why a consumer would defer to another store.

Add increased competition in the market with foreign companies and new national players (we’re looking at you, Amazon), and the result is heightened margin pressure to deliver top quality products and experiences.

Instead of throwing in the towel, there are a few easy changes you can make to better appeal to your market of consumers.

Step 1: Availability

C-stores have increasingly become a place to pick up items for immediate consumption. With 33 percent of European consumers interested in near-instant availability, c-stores are primed to provide the market with the items they demand. Track your inventory and work with your vendors to ensure the products customers reach for often are always on your shelves.

Step 2: Product Options

As the trend of increased availability continues, so does interest in choosing fresh food. Over 35 percent of European consumers would like additional fresh fruit and vegetable options at their local c-store, while 25 percent are interested in a larger selection of healthier food and drink choices.

Providing consumers with these options at your store allows them the opportunity to choose you over a grocer or supermarket.

Step 3: Promotions

Expand the limits of your store. Instead of merely viewing convenience stores as a stop for fuel, craft promotions showcasing your c-store as a marketplace that services multiple needs for consumers. Leverage mobile and online platforms for your promotions as well. Market your offers to customers to show them how you’re moving towards optimal availability of the products they want to buy.

Main takeaway

Keep your vendors aligned with the future vision for your store.

Working with your vendors to craft promotions that are both advantageous to you and their products allows you to better entice customers by providing more bang-for-your-buck offers. In turn, this amplifies appeal and loyalty at your c-store, driving profit to your bottom line. Appealing to consumers with promotions provides availability, freshness, and pricing all in a convenient location.

Aligning with these industry trends provides the product availability the market is searching for, while growing your competitiveness. Vendor optimization is crucial for the success of your store. A misalignment on targets can cause a surplus of unwanted stock for your business and a shortage of product consumers want and need. Once you’ve set your promotions with your vendors, be sure to track their efficiency at your store to better understand what items move fast and which could move faster.

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