The Winter Olympics may cause a spike in demand at your c-store locations.

The Super Bowl may be over (and what a game it was!), but c-stores should start revving their engines because myriad early-year sporting events are slated to drive customer traffic through the beginning of 2018.

Not only are the weeks-long 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, held during the month of February, but the start of NASCAR season with the hallowed Daytona 500 takes place between opening and closing ceremonies as well. Unlike most of the nation still recovering from the Super Bowl hangover, c-store inventories should already be prepared for these current and upcoming events in order to meet customer expectations and operate efficiently.

There’s no substitute for having an end-to-end management solution to assist running locations during these business spikes. Software helps c-stores forecast demand, optimize stocking and ensure accurate pricing, which makes for a high-level customer experience.

When sports are on, fans head to c-stores

Snacking and sports go hand in hand – just think about all the incredible spreads Super Bowl watch parties feature. While it might not make sense to visit one every day of Olympics competition, it’s a certainty fans watching the games and the Daytona 500 will consider visiting their local c-store. Whether inspired by a flood of marketing or looking for a fast-and-ready meal, the link between sports and snacking makes c-stores a go-to option for hungry fans.

nascar racingThe Daytona 500 is one February sporting event likely to power c-store sales.

Having the tools to forecast when these demand spikes tend to occur is important for c-stores. With the right enterprise solution, c-stores can view data from multiple locations and visualize demand surges centered around sporting events. Employing a tool with the capability to predict when foot traffic historically increases gives c-stores insight into how best to accommodate the rush. Keeping on top of sales trends, past and present, ensures a c-store isn’t caught off guard and out of stock during a popular sporting event.

However, capturing the data and intel is only part of the equation. C-stores need practical tools to carry out effective operations.

Optimize inventory, accurate pricing with software

When products fly off the shelves like they sometimes do during high-profile sporting events, it means c-stores need to pay even greater attention to their stocking processes. Running out of a heavily advertised, favored beverage can lead to negative experiences for both the consumer and the c-store location.

Solving a negative experience before it occurs is where inventory management comes into play. By generating daily reports, managers stay on top of stocking, while a centralized pricebook ensures accurate pricing for everything in the store and acts as a single point of reference for all employees. C-stores can go even further with managing by exception to uncover any costly discrepancies that hurt the bottom line.

When customers flock to c-stores, locations need to be at their gameday best, and there’s no better way to make that happen than with powerful enterprise software.

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