Executive Overview

For many drivers travelling across the monotonous Texas highways, billboards featuring the witticisms of a certain buck-toothed beaver signal the approaching of an unmatched convenience store experience. Every year, millions of curious motorists heed the call of that beckoning beaver inviting them to experience a veritable treasure trove of homemade jerky, Texas memorabilia and clean restrooms. “We’re a travel center for families, and we pride ourselves on providing clean stores, great people, and incredible shopping experiences.”

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Business Challenge

In 2005, Buc-ee’s began implementing PDI Enterprise, business management software that automates processes for a more profitable bottom line. The company’s penchant for progress was one of the primary reasons for the transition. “We were not one of those organizations that wanted to stick with an old system because it worked well and was paid for. We wanted to move forward, and we didn’t want to wait until the last minute to do so.”

In addition to simply wanting a SQL based solution, Buc-ee’s experienced growing difficulty from a lack of easy integration. Buc-ee’s explains, “Everything was so segregated. We were suffering from limited operations visibility and communication, so there were always multiple versions of the truth.”

PDI Solution

The benefits of operating from a single, centralized database quickly became evident when Buc-ee’s implemented PDI Enterprise as its automation solution. “Site-level managers are operating from the same data as the corporate office, and the consistency and integrity of our reporting has improved dramatically,” says the Texas chain.

After implementing PDI Financials, the backbone of the PDI Enterprise product family, Buc-ee’s began automating its daily reconciliations, thereby reducing the time necessary to perform its period closing process. “We are able to reconcile most of our many bank accounts daily through file imports, which greatly increases speed, accuracy and security. Now we can maintain an accurate balance in the PDI Cash Management register because we catch discrepancies as they occur. Closing the period used to take three or four days at the end of the month, but that process has been cut down to a few hours. In fact, most months we’re waiting on the banks to post the files and statements so we can close.”

Buc-ee’s states that the biggest cultural change was the elimination of manual entry processes, largely due to PDI’s user-defined import profiles. “Automating reconciliations is just the beginning of the process. More than anything, we think the integrated import profile features empower users to Do Business Electronically. We can import files into almost every module in PDI Enterprise, and the profiles are easy to create and use. In addition, we’ve mostly eliminated manual entry of any kind. Now we’re importing all beer invoices, grocery wholesaler invoices, fuel invoices, EFTs for fuel vendors, beer vendor EFTs, notes payable invoices, and other miscellaneous invoices into relevant modules of PDI Enterprise. When we consider how fuel invoicing alone required the attention of a fulltime person, and now we do that in a few minutes every day, we’re absolutely amazed!”

Customer Results

Buc-ee’s says the transformation at its stores has been tremendous. “Store-level auditing is much simpler because we manage by exception. Our ability to import vendor statements, EFT remittances and invoices has resulted in enormous time savings and increased automation. Employee training is much easier and effective because the software is very accessible. And there is effortless integration across the entire system as well as with third-party vendors.”

Buc-ee’s states that the relationship PDI cultivates with its customers makes the implementation process much smoother. “In addition to being very professional and responsive to our needs, PDI encourages us to let them know what they’re doing right and wrong. They’ve promoted a culture of open communication and collaboration with their customers, and that’s why they get it right.”

Download a copy of this case study: Bucee’s case study