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How many times a day do you see an ad? Social media, websites, magazines, radio, billboards, signage at stores—the list of exposure opportunities is virtually endless. Research firm Yankelovich estimates that the average person sees up to 5,000 or more ads each day. This has led to consumers disregarding ads more than ever before, making it harder for marketers to get in front of, and actually recognized by, their target markets. That’s especially the case with c-store shoppers, who represent a true melting pot of consumers. They range from commuting office workers picking up their morning coffee to parents and their kids grabbing an after-school snack, along with third-shift employees making a late-night run and every walk of life between. With such a diverse audience, how do consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands optimize their marketing efforts to reach the right people? Loyalty Programs as a Catalyst Loyalty programs have evolved beyond the historical practice of completing a punch card to earn a free purchase. Today’s programs are deeply involved, strategized, and activated through digital channels with loyalty apps, texts, emails, and other avenues of engagement. Better yet, more and more consumers are becoming members of fuel and/or convenience retail loyalty programs, like the PDI Fuel Rewards® program. The biggest value that comes from loyalty programs for marketers is the captive audience. Consumers who download an app, register for a program, and provide their information have already shown an invested interest in a specific retailer or network of retailers. Apps like GasBuddy allow consumers to shop by price while other programs focus on a specific fuel or retail brand. Either way, the audience has raised their digital hand and said, “Yes. I’d like to stay up to date with this.” For marketers searching for their target audience, these consumers are saying, “I’m right here.” Reaching the Masses Fuel and convenience retail loyalty programs are the sweet spot for reaching this melting pot of c-store shoppers. But with hundreds of chains and tens of thousands of independent operators in the US market, how do you get the most reach for your effort? Start with PDI Offer Network. PDI has long been a partner to the convenience retail industry, working with everyone from large chains and fuel brands down to independent and single-store operators. We’re in a unique position to partner with tens of thousands of retailers and millions of consumers, helping you…