PDI Monthly COVID-19 Consumer Behavior Report

Consumer trip and basket-level data and analysis to help you deliver what customers need now


Streamline Daily Pricing with PDI Retail Fuel Pricing Enterprise Integration

Gain efficiencies setting retail fuel prices with weighted average cost, replacement cost, gallon and c-store sales, and real-time feeds.


Complete Pricing Changes Faster with PDI Retail Fuel Pricing

Capture margin and spend less time analyzing and communicating fuel prices for each store.


Maximize Fuel Margins with PDI Fuel Pricing Machine Learning Strategy

Use machine learning and current market conditions to predict the most profitable prices.


Stay Competitive with PDI Fuel Pricing B2C Competitor Pricing

Improve the collection of competitor survey compliance with survey windows and real-time alerts.


Streamline Spot Pricing with PDI Fuel Pricing B2B Spot Pricing

Get all the information you need on one screen to react more quickly and accurately to customer and market changes.

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Exploring the New Commerce Model

Hear retailer perspectives about weathering COVID-19 and NACS present consumer behavior insights


Fuel Pricing EV Infographic

See how to disrupt your market with optimally priced energy for alternative fuel vehicles.


PDI Fuel Pricing Custom Benchmark Report

Take the first step to see how PDI Fuel Pricing can optimize your efficiency and profitability.