PDI Monthly COVID-19 Consumer Behavior Report

Consumer trip and basket-level data and analysis to help you deliver what customers need now

Customer charging EV


Top EV and Convenience Retail Trends in 2022

Should fuel and convenience retailers be focused on the continued growth in the electric vehicle (EV) market in 2022? Yes, but maybe not in the way…

Dafna Gabel


C-Store Shopper Trends: Holiday Recap and Outlook

Learn what the c-store channel can take away from what occurred during Halloween week and Thanksgiving week.


Maximize Margins with PDI Logistics Transport Sourcing

Give dispatchers automated, real-time fuel costs and sourcing options as they plan their loads.


Manage Inventory More Efficiently with PDI Logistics Transport SmartReplenish

Maximize efficiency and reduce retains, split loads, and run-outs with a powerful inventory and forecasting solution.


Protect Your Margins with PDI Logistics Transport SmartBuy

Track and measure the impact when carriers and drivers don't pull the best buy at the terminal.


Streamline the Payment Process with PDI Logistics Electronic Delivery Tickets

Eliminate reconciliation errors, and billing and payment delays with comprehensive proof of delivery at the time of delivery.


Improve Business Efficiency with PDI Logistics Data Capture

Quickly and securely retrieve store sales and fuel inventories with automated ATG & POS data capture.

Are you converting your customers from the pump to the store?


Are You Converting Your Customers from the Pump to the Store?

The industry has seen a growing opportunity for pump-to-store conversion where c-store locations also sell fuel. This has especially been the case…

Retailers should focus on communicating value to their customers.


Is the “New Normal” Here to Stay or Will History Repeat Itself?

Consumers are not only experiencing inflation, but they are taking notice and altering their behavior. What does this mean for retailers and…

How have C-store trips grown in the past year?


Inaugural BuddyUp: C-Store Shopper Insights Report

Recently, PDI and GasBuddy issued their first joint report analyzing how the COVID pandemic has influenced shopping behavior in the $650 billion fuel…

Foodservice has grown consistently month-to-month, but isn’t back to pre-pandemic levels.


Can Foodservice Rise to Its Recent Past Success?

Labor shortages and supply chain disruptions are adversely affecting C-store recovery. In-store digital solutions may be helpful for meeting consumer…


BuddyUp: C-Store Shopper Insights Quarterly Report

Quarterly report combining GasBuddy consumer survey data and PDI consumer-buying data.