Transform your pricing practices with the power of machine learning.

PDI Fuel Pricing Retail enables you to set optimized fuel prices at the touch of a button

In a competitive market, fuel retailers need to be able to fully understand market conditions to make quick and accurate pricing decisions. Due to rapidly changing information and a market that is quickly evolving, now more than ever, retailers need tools to optimize fuel prices. Fuel Pricing Retail is a highly configurable application designed to help site operators gain a competitive edge.

  • Create effective pricing strategies to maximize profits
  • Quickly adapt to market changes and site needs
  • Collect and analyze data to rank sites within your market
  • Seamless integration with POS systems, pole signs, fuel pumps & mobile applications

Improve your pricing strategy with PDI Fuel Pricing Retail.

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PDI Fuel Pricing Retail Has Everything You Need to Compete

Price Intelligence

Machine learning technology combined with data science expertise to refine your pricing strategy

Streamlined Strategies

Increased automation lets you price at the touch of a button reducing errors and time spent pricing

Optimized Pricing

No matter if you’re pricing for margin or volume, you can capitalize on profits

End-to-End integration

Seamlessly integrates to your ERP software & loyalty program to gather key insights

Price from Anywhere

The market moves quickly, so make decisions from anywhere with mobile-enabled pricing

Improved Visibility

Live data from your competitors help you make quick & impactful
business decisions

Simplify the Pricing Process

Internationally Deployed

Full Transparency

Machine Learning

Market Observations

Implemented in over 50 countries

PDI pricing experts have experience in regulated markets, deregulated markets, and everything in between.

  • Set up for any language or currency
  • Supports local government rules & regulations
  • Accounts for local tax models
  • Backed by proven pricing strategies in a variety of markets

“It (PDI Fuel Pricing) gives us direct information on every site, our competitors’ prices, our own prices and our fuel margin. You need to be able to have that information available at the touch of a button.”

—Joe Barrett, Joint Founder & COO, Applegreen

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