After more than 30 years in the c-store industry, we have unique insight into the challenges of running a well-managed workforce.

We put our experience to work tackling those challenges, and the result is a workforce management solution uniquely equipped to meet your sophisticated business needs.

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Featured Products

PDI Employee Self-Service

The Employee Self-Service module of PDI Workforce offers your workforce real-time information in regard to what matters to them the most, their pay and schedule, so they can focus their time on the customer. Additionally, help your human resource team save time by avoiding manual requests and errors as part of the automated PDI Employee Self-Service tool.

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Track Easier with PDI Time Clock

When you take care of your employees, they’ll take care of your business. And nothing keeps your employees happier than getting paid for the incredible customer service they provide every day. PDI Time Clock helps you do just that by accurately capturing who your employees are and when, where, and how they work.

  • Simple and accurate time capture 
  • Messaging tool for easy communication 
  • Interactive timesheet review and submission 
  • Payroll system integration 

Software for a Mobile Workforce

PDI Workforce Site Portal contains much of the same functionality as PDI Time Clock. Its convenient, tablet-friendly design optimizes customer service and security by allowing your employees to record their time without ever leaving the sales floor. See it in action!

Process Painlessly with PDI Payroll

PDI Payroll improves accuracy by decreasing errors and reducing manual touchpoints in addition to saving time with process automation, breaking down information silos with better integration, and quickly resolving issues with customizable exception alerts.

  • Improve accuracy by decreasing errors and reducing manual touchpoints
  • Simplify workflow and save time with process automation
  • Break down information silos with a single view
  • Focus on what matters with customizable exception alerts

Optimize Your Workforce with PDI Labor Scheduler

PDI Labor Scheduler 2.0 helps you effectively manage every aspect of your workforce. Ensure your stores are adequately staffed based on transaction data and seasonal trends.

  • Optimize staffing levels based on store’s transaction data
  • Cut overtime with budget tracking
  • Improve cross-site labor visibility
  • Save time with exception-based management alerts

Learn how Pak-A-Sak saved $31K in labor costs with PDI Labor Scheduler

Be Prepared for Anything

From cashiers to car wash attendants, your business depends on your employees showing up for your customers every day. Whatever the need, PDI Labor Scheduler ensures you have the right people in the right place at the right time. See how it works!

“It’s taken us from not knowing what we were doing to being the A-players.”

– Benjamin Peebles

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