Deliver More Loads and Improve Profitability

Deliver More Loads and Improve Profitability

Logistics Automation

There are many factors to consider to efficiently run your business and maximize revenue: supplier costs, inventory levels, drive times, freight expenses, and more. With so much data to analyze, you carry the burden of making the best decision possible in real time. Failing to do so can result in costly runouts and wasteful retains. 

SmartSchedule is a smart, reliable solution with new automation features that analyze every condition to ensure you’re making the best possible decision. 

  • Auto dispatch and scheduling. New auto dispatch and scheduling features monitor logistics details continuously. By tracking truck locations and availability, the system creates dynamic schedules based on your operational preferences, including real-time order adjustments. 
  • Enhanced auto ordering. Custom ordering strategies evaluate your entire business, including day-part restrictions, to ensure you deliver the optimal fuel quantity at the optimal time and price using real-time inventory monitoring. 

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