Extend Consumer Access to Your Loyalty Program

Extend Consumer Access to Your Loyalty Program

GasBuddy Loyalty Connect

Every day 40,000,000 consumers purchase fuel, but over 80% of North American fuel sales occur outside of a loyalty program. If most consumers rank “price” as their primary decision point for fuel, how do you get your brand in front of the unaddressed majority of consumers?

GasBuddy Loyalty Connect gives your brand instant access to those consumers by integrating your loyalty program seamlessly into the GasBuddy app. Consumers can join your program directly from the GasBuddy app and enjoy all your loyalty benefits from a single mobile experience—dynamic pricing, in-store offers, mobile payments, and more.

  • Personalized in-app pricing increases market share
  • Automatic integration helps ensure up-to-date fuel price offerings
  • Targeted discounts, including stacked discounts, directly influence buyer behavior
  • In-store offers drive inside sales

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