A well-executed c-store loyalty program starts with understanding your customers

Loyalty programs can help c-stores generate more foot traffic, attract new customers and drive in-store spend. But in the competitive convenience retail space, simply offering a loyalty program isn’t always enough.

To provide real value to your business and your customers, you must understand who your shoppers are, what motivates them, what they value and what makes them loyal to your store.

The C-Store Shopper Profile examines the interests and behaviors of over 1,000 consumers and provides insights on:

  • The top four reasons customers choose to shop at a specific convenience store
  • What motivates shoppers to interact with a loyalty program, and the incentives you should consider offering
  • How loyalty programs influence shopping behaviors
  • Loyalty shopper demographics that can inform your revenue and business strategy, including gender, age, marital status, education, income, in-store spend and more

To learn how you can leverage customer data to enhance your loyalty program and establish a competitive advantage, fill out the form below to download our C-Store Shopper Profile.