Enough with paper, right? Who knew that this office staple (so to speak) could be the source of such dismay and heartache? At a mere .16 ounce per 8.5” x 11” sheet, this seemingly harmless workplace standard can unleash significant damage on your fleet operations. Don’t believe me? Allow me to share with you just a few troubling anecdotes, and see if you don’t feel the same.

The Comfortable Receipt

Recently, I submitted a paper receipt to my Finance department. The receipt was roughly two and a half inches by four inches. Totally unassuming. Barely more than confetti. This paper receipt sat on my desk for roughly two weeks, and in that two-week period, I walked past my Finance manager’s desk four to eight times, yet for some unknown reason, I simply could not transport this miniature document to her desk.

I tell this story to make a point that sometimes, paper documents do not make it to their intended destinations. Granted, my delay did not set our company on its ear, but that’s not always the case, particularly in transportation and logistics where a single document can represent thousands of dollars in crude distribution. Sometimes, very important transactional documents (and tiny receipts) succumb to the law of inertia or other natural phenomena, which can cause serious problems when reconciling transactions.

Digitize those documents and make unwieldy hard copies a thing of the past. Truly, had that receipt on my desk not been paper, but instead, a shiny little digital impulse, its contents would have made their way to my back office faster than you can say “Will you please roll up your window? I have an important run ticket on the dashboard.”

Modern mobility apps such as PDI HyperDocs remove paper from the equation by digitizing transactions, documents, and signatures from PDI’s Mobility Applications. No paper delay, loss, or destruction otherwise.

Mr. Right

Are you like me? Do you love to prove to…pretty much everyone… that you’re right…always? Especially during that recurring meeting that takes place at 12:30 PM every Wednesday. Yes, you and five other people have the same mid-lunch-hour meeting every week – yet you always seem to forget to grab a snack in the minutes leading up to it. You’re so ravenous toward the end of each meeting that, in Esau-ian fashion, you would happily sign over the rights to the company’s latest patent for a single low-fat puffed cheese curl.

It’s 1:18. You’re well into the lunch meeting as you wearily begin to field questions about your portion of the presentation. “Do we still have that client’s information?” “What are the order details?” “How much of each type of inventory was delivered?” Questions inviting what could be a very literal paper chase that would surely extend the meeting into the 2:00 hour, thereby diminishing all hope of grabbing that last package of plain glazed mini-donuts out of the vending machine in the basement.

Scary, isn’t it? But not for you, Mr. Right. Hungry yet unfazed, you swing your laptop around, and all of a sudden, truth crystalizes in front of their amazed and secretly envious faces in full 720p. No paper involved. All relevant account information is magically beamed to your computer from the ubiquitous “Cloud.” As though by magic, all questions are quickly answered, all challenges met, and the change in your pocket is already jingling. Be that guy. Use PDI ReportPro, and sync to the Cloud. Show your colleagues that indeed, you do have the right answer for that. And go get yourself some lunch.

Illegible Receiver

In an effort both to inform parents and involve grade school children in the quarterly evaluation process at my son’s school, students are asked to write their quarterly academic progress on a piece of paper for parents to view. I was recently presented with one of these paper reports by my fourth-grader. Now, please forgive the perpetration of inaccurate stereotypes, but upon reading the report, one might swear that my son is going to grow up to be a doctor – based not necessarily on his grades. I’m not sure if the paper progress report read, “Social Studies” or “Amoxicillin-clavulanate two times daily,” but whatever it was, he got an A in it. Fortunately, I am able to verify his grades online by viewing a very clear and legible digital display on my home computer. There is no question about the accuracy of the grades I see online, and the information is delivered to me instantly, the moment they have been entered, in easily-decipherable print.

If it’s time to standardize and digitize your paper processes, take a look at the PDI WellSite app for crude haulers, water haulers, and well site service companies. Use WellSite to calculate net barrels and create nice, neat electronic run and offload tickets. Calculate and create water hauling tickets and invoices. Track time, mileage, and delivery – all legibly, digitally, and completely paperlessly.

Get rid of paper, save money, and be an office hero. Contact PDI, and find out about its many paperless fleet management solutions.