Software can have a positive indirect effect on customer service.
Software can have a positive indirect effect on customer service.

It’s no secret that fuel marketers can use software to drive operational efficiency, but what they might not know is that digital solutions can also have a big impact on customer service.

This is notable for jobbers because quality of customer service has become ever more important in modern business relationships. Even in the B2B world, demand for personalized, well-crafted customer service experience has grown. Citing research from Gallup, Oil and Gas IQ noted that B2B customers increasingly expect suppliers to have the most up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge of the trends, challenges and economic market conditions in which their customers operate.

Businesses can start delivering on these expectations by first looking at what role software can play.

Data and insights matter to personalization

Software’s affect on customer service is more indirect than other benefits possible through digital solutions. While fuel marketers may see more tangible cost reductions from adding software to dispatch workflows, the efficiency and effectiveness gained also enhance customer service. Jobbers can use software to optimize routes, which shortens delivery times. This type of efficiency improves the bottom line and customer experience.

Key to serving your customer better is knowing your customer. And in today’s age, businesses can’t accomplish this goal without data. A solution that collects information from every touch point of the relationship is critical to gathering a fuller, more detailed picture of your customer.

For instance, marketers can analyze accounts receivable data to better understand a client’s payment history and habits. Learning a customer’s preferences for communication regarding accounts can help fine-tune customer service inquiries to avoid contacting customers during peak business hours. Having real-time GPS data in the truck can help businesses provide more nuanced support to customers when deliveries are en route.

Even though higher quality customer service may not be a business’s prime reason for investing in software, it’s hard to ignore the positive effect solutions can have in such areas.

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