Without these four essentials, you’re probably not getting the most out of your dispatch software

Do a search for “dispatch software,” and you will receive literally millions of results – 71.8 million at the time of this writing – and that number is growing constantly. And while there are likely not 71.8 million fleet-oriented dispatch software solutions out there on the market, there are probably more than you could evaluate in a single shop in a reasonable amount of time, so it’s important to ensure that you’re getting everything you need from your dispatch software right from the start. Whittle your options down by requiring these four dispatch software essentials from the get-go.

Fuel Economy

This is an easy one. By combining dynamic dispatch and telematics tools, you should get the quantifiable, concrete fuel economy feedback you need as a fleet manager. Look for something intuitive – something that keeps you from breaking out the calculator or engaging in guesswork. Look for something that delivers cold, hard, insensitive numbers. Then, take these numbers and move right to the next essential feature…

Miles Driven

Miles are liabilities. And even if you’re a supply chain wizard who knows conceptually you’re able to decrease miles driven by your fleet, the benefit may not be realized without using a tool to track those miles. Give your dispatchers the gift of numbers. These numbers deliver the necessary insights (especially when examined along with fuel economy numbers) to make informed, data-driven decisions about the right vehicle to use for each delivery. Minimize miles driven with a solid, cloud-based dispatch solution.

Driver Behavior

Everybody knows that harsh braking, rapid acceleration, excessive idling and speeding cost the company money, right? But how much money? To answer these questions, you may first need to engage outside resources such as your insurance company, actuaries and law enforcement officials. Be sure to share these insights with your leadership team.  Then, connect these numbers to the actionable driver behavior data that is delivered digitally by a robust dispatch/telematics combo. This reduces paperwork and the number of questions your superiors will need to ask.

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Optimized Routes

A fourth feature you need in your dispatch solution is route optimization. Including route optimization as a part of your foundational dispatch software package will generate compelling data on fuel economy, miles driven, and the number of deliveries made. While saving money with improved fuel economy and fewer miles driven is nothing to sneeze at, you actually make money by making more deliveries possible. It may be only 2-5 more deliveries per day, but over a month, quarter, or year, these few additional deliveries can add up to significant profits. From simple ticket allocation to fleetwide mileage optimization and load balancing, you need an automated solution that meets your specific fleet requirements.

Bonus Feature: Scalability

This final feature is a “bonus” feature because it is based on an assumption: the assumption that the long-term goal of most fleets is growth. As you strive for and eventually attain this goal, your fleet grows, and as such, your dispatch solution needs to grow with it. If your solution is not scalable, you may find yourself investing in a new solution sooner than planned. Make your first investment the right investment with a solution that will grow as your fleet count, deliveries, and driver numbers grow.

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