Building a strong beverage alcohol business starts and ends with automation.

Whether you’re the neighborhood convenience store or part of a nationwide chain, your top priority is driving traffic into your store that will turn into a loyal customer base. One of your key traffic drivers is alcohol, so are you doing what you can to increase margins and ensure the success of your beverage alcohol category? Here are the top three ways leading convenience store owners and operators are using automation and digital insight to build a more profitable beverage alcohol program.

  1. Go Paperless: It’s 2019! Over 80% of consumers pay bills electronically, and companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google are making it easier than ever for customers to ditch the cash at checkout – why should your vendor payments be any less digital? Why waste time cutting checks, preparing money orders, or counting large quantities of cash for each delivery when there are a thousand other day-to-day responsibilities to focus on? Automating your alcohol invoice payments shaves off an average of 15 minutes per delivery. This reduces interruptions due to extended delivery times and decreases the time delivery trucks spend in the parking lot, guaranteeing a quick “in-and-out” experience for your customers. Electronic vendor payments also automate one of the most challenging aspects of running an alcohol business by ensuring that your alcohol invoices are paid on time, keeping all your locations 100% compliant with state regulatory laws.
  2. Track and Reconcile Alcohol Purchases: Monitoring prices and reconciling payments are necessary but tedious parts of managing your business. Automating your vendor payments makes it possible to track all your purchases electronically. Often, the same companies facilitating automated invoice payments also offer an easy-to-use web portal that houses past purchase information. For example, Fintech, the leader in electronic alcohol invoice payments, provides online access to 13 months of rolling invoice history, where authorized users can view alcohol invoices broken down by individual line item. You’ll streamline the tracking and reconciliation process, know exactly what invoices are tied to a particular credit, and even proactively request credits directly from your alcohol distributors. This eliminates the transfer of paper invoices between departments and provides corporate offices with an inside view of exactly what is being purchased at each location, allowing them to better monitor key traffic drivers. Fintech goes beyond simple visibility and takes the invoice information pulled from your distributors and integrates it directly into PDI Envoy, Pricebook, and Enterprise, ensuring you’re always viewing the most accurate and up-to-date alcohol information.
  3. Make the Right Ordering Decisions for your Business: The most lucrative beverage alcohol programs understand that the key to maximizing profits lies in effectively tracking and analyzing purchases, but even the most organized purchasing directors fall into the trap of inefficient ordering habits. Imagine if the line-item details of all your alcohol invoices were incorporated into the PDI reports you already use to make profitable decisions. Partners like Fintech provide a single file for your purchases that’s automatically imported into your ERP software, saving your teams hours of manual data entry. You can be confident that the reports you use to track purchases and manage inventory are received quickly and free from manual entry errors. Millions of line-items have been delivered by Fintech for PDI clients across the country, allowing them to make ordering decisions that maintain expected margins and increase buying power.

Building a strong beverage alcohol business starts and ends with automation, so what are you waiting for? Remove tedious business practices and get back valuable time that you can use to build a prosperous brand and loyal, thriving customer base. Ready to get started? Contact Fintech today.

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